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We speak English!

(Since no one speaks German.)

Welcome to www.revolution.de.com, web site of the socialist youth organization REVOLUTION, german section of the iREVOLUTION tendency. You can find some texts about us here.

Or if you want you can translate this page with Google. That can produce some strange results, though - for example German revolutionary Karl Liebknecht is translated as "Karl Dear Farm Hand".

Protests in Germany

* Tens of thousands against the G8 demonstrations and blockades against the summit

* The German army celebrates itself. antimilitarist protests in Berlin

* Monday is Demo-Day report on the "Monday-Demonstration" movement in Germany


* Hands of the KSM! stop the persecution of a Czech left-wing youth organization

* Criticism of capitalism prohibited! protest in Berlin against the ban of the KSM

* Stop state repression against Basque youth! aganst the persecution of SEGI


* Old School Left at the LLL-Demo report of the demonstration on January 14

* OLD SCHOOL flyer for the Luxemburg-Liebknecht-Lenin-Demo-2007

* CREATE DISORDER! flyer for the Luxemburg-Liebknecht-Lenin-Demo-2006

* Comrade Homer Simpson – could Homer Simpson be a Communist?!?

* "Declarations of Independence" pamphlet on independent youth organizations

* The 90th Anniversary of "Jugend-Internationale" the internationalist youth paper


* REVOCAMP 2007 youn people from five countries attended Revo's summer camp

* It's hard to fight alone... LET'S GET ORGANIZED! national conference of Revo

* Number Nine, Number Nine... editorial from REVOLUTION #9

* The Road to Revolution international manifesto of REVOLUTION


* "To support nonviolent resistance in Palestine..." interview with Neta Golan (ISM)

* Against the Wall in Bilin eyewitness account of protests in the West Bank

* Tear Down the Wall! interview with an Israeli activist from "Anarchists Against the Wall"

Iraq War

* 20.3.03 > 20.3.04: One year later – the struggle continues!

* 2 American soldiers and a revolutionary are sitting in a bar...

* Anglo-American War Mongers and Profiteurs Association slightly ironic flyer

US Politics

* To the Youth of the USA... statement on the US presidential elections

* Ronald Reagan – an Obituary from REVOLUTION

* Millionaire vs. Millionaire article on the US presidential elections


* An Orange Revolution? artcle on the presidential elections in Ukraine

* "You kill our children, we kill your children..." article on the hostage crisis in Beslan

* Reports from Argentina by Dzhon Rid


* Team America: Saving the World the new film from Trey Parker and Matt Stone

* Soundtrack of the Revolution review of The (International) Noise Conspiracy

Anticapitalist Movement

* Resolution of the Youth Assembly at the European Social Forum 2004 in London

* For a Youth Space at the European Social Forum 2004 in London

* Disarm DSEi! against an arms fair in London, September 03


* The picture galleries are in German. Only this index is in English.
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Diese Seite ist ein Archiv und wird nicht mehr aktualisiert. Die neue Seite von RIO ist: www.klassegegenklasse.org