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OLD SCHOOL - back to the revolutionary roots

What we got to say
Power to the people! No delay
To make everybody see
In order to fight the powers that be!
(Fight the Power – Public enemy)

How much power do the people have here? Do you want to remain without an apprenticeship? Do you want to live with your parents until you're 25, thanks to the "Hartz IV" labor reforms? Can you influence what is taught in school? Do you have enough money for university? Do you want deportation prisons? Do you support wars of aggression? No?

Then it looks like you have no power. In contrast to the men in charge of the ecnomy, who call the shots in this society. Politicians are little more than puppets, exchangable as necessary. They act in the interests of corporate executives and their system - global capitalism.

Capitalism means that the majority (the workers) is oppressed by a minority (owners of corporations). A hundred years ago revolutionaries like Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht and Vladimir I. Lenin wanted to topple this system. But at that time there were influential leftists like the reformist SPD, who were also against capitalism but wanted to eliminate it via reforms. For this reason they were in the government. For this reason they were against a revolution. For this reason they helped to murder radical "trouble makers" like Luxemburg and Liebknecht.

The WASG and the Left Party.PDS want to merge later this year to form a unity party of the "New Left". The representatives of this "New left" say that capitalism must go, and every year they go to the graves of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht. But they don't talk about how we will actually get rid of capitalism. They only talk about social reforms. They want a peaceful transformation to a fair society. But where they are in government, like the L.PDS in Berlin, they become puppets of economic interests, just like all other politicians. They excuse themselves by saying they are obliged by "inherent necessities", but they don't make clear: these "necessities" have a name – capitalism.

Letists who believe in equality and democracy within the capitalist system have already lost. We have to fight consistently against every social cut and every form of exploitation. We have to destroy capitalism and its "necessities", we have to take over the businesses, form workers' councils and run society ourselves. We have to build up a left that doesn't just stand at the grave of Karl and Rosa and cry, but instead, like these two revolutionaries, leads an open struggle for a new society!

"Political equality, democracy!" thus sang the big and small prophets of bourgeois class rule to us for decades. ...
Yes, it should ... be realized. Because the word "political equality" becomes flesh the moment that economic exploitation is destroyed root and branch. And "democracy", the rule of the people, will only begin when the working people seize political power. ...
That which has been presented as equality and democracy: parlament, national assembly, equal vote, was all lies and deception! All power in the hands of the working masses as a revolutionary weapon to shatter capitalism - only that is true equality, only that is true democracy!
(National Assembly or Government of Workers Councils? - Rosa Luxemburg)

- Oldschool flow instead of „New Left “.
- Luxemburg instead of Lafontaine [Left Party leader].
- Revolutionary youth movement instead of reformist party apparatus.

- Fight the Power!
- Smash the State!
- One solution: Revolution!

//call from REVOLUTION Germany to the Luxemburg-Liebknecht-Lenin-Demo-2007 //original in German


Come to the Luxemburg-Liebknecht-Lenin-Demo-2007!
Sunday, January 14, 10 am, Frankfurter Tor, Berlin

Public meeting: Left-wing youth movement - 1917 and 2007
Saturday, January 13, 7 pm, Rote Insel, Mansteinstr, 10, U-Bhf Yorckstraße
The school students' strikes in the last few months have shown that young people can actively intervene in political events. But so far we've had no input with the so-called "refoundation of the left." How can we revolutionize the left?

Phat hiphop party: "We're gonna party like it's 1917!"
Saturday, January 13, 10 pm, Rote Insel, Mansteinstr, 10, U-Bhf Yorckstraße
With Hesse (Berlin), Red Star Soundsystem (Potsdam), DJ PMS, DJ AK47, DJ Hägar and more left-wing MCs and DJs.
Revolutionary tax for the party: 2 euros.
People who attended the meeting get in for free.


REVOLUTION is an independent communist youth organization. We helped organize the school students' strike in Berlin, we fight against nazis, support workers' protests, mobilize against the G8 summit in June 2007 and work to build up a revolutionary youth movement. Since capitalism is a global system, we organize across borders to fight it. See...

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Diese Seite ist ein Archiv und wird nicht mehr aktualisiert. Die neue Seite von RIO ist: www.klassegegenklasse.org