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War on War! March 20, 2004

pictures of the demonstration in Berlin-Neukölln

//pictures by: Pol Pott

Statement on the first anniversary of the Iraq War

March 20, '03 > March 20, '04

One year later –
the struggle continues!

//WORLD REVOLUTION //International Coordination Committe

On the 15th of February 2003 we saw the emergence of a movement rising against the imperialist war on Iraq. Between 20-30 million went out to protest in more than 600 cities around the world. It was a major historical event – the biggest co-ordinated protest on an international level that has ever been seen.

On March 20th, when the bombs began to fall on Baghdad, hundreds of thousands returned to the streets to protest. One year on, Iraq is still being occupied by imperialist armies, and every day Iraqis are dying as a result. This is because the movement did not succeed in stopping the war. As Bush and Blair gave orders to their armies to begin the slaughter of the Iraqi people, the reformist leaders in the anti-war movement didn’t dare to call for strikes and direct action, which could have brought the war to a halt.

The resistance did not die. In Iraq, the movement against the occupation has taken the form of a broad popular movement, uniting people from Shia and Sunni communities. Even resistance against the occupiers in the Kurdish group in the north has been reported recently. Every day there are more than 40 actions of resistance against the military forces of the American and British armies.

It is the responsibility of the anti-war and anti-capitalist movement to support this resistance. It IS a resistance against colonial imperialism and dictatorship and a victory for the resistance would be a victory for all oppressed and struggling people all over the world.

Victory to the resistance – defeat the imperialist occupiers!

International resistance against the occupation – build for strikes against the occupation in schools, universities and workplaces.

The “War On Terror”ä under which the occupation is being carried out is at the same time a war against the social gains and democratic rights won by workers’ struggles in the west. While sending troops to support the occupation, the imperialist governments in the EU and US are making working people and the poor pay for the occupation through forcing through privatisation on public services and increasing tax cuts for the rich.

On the 2nd and 3rd of April, the European Trade Union federation and the social forums movement calls for protests against privatisations and social cuts. Take action and protests against the bosses’ capitalist project!

Unite the anti-war movement with the workers’ struggle!

Everybody out on the 2nd and 3rd of April!

this statement in German

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