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Order prevails in the world.

After the riots of the immigrant youth in suburbs across France, the police were able to restore order. After the insurrection of the slum inhabitants and miners in Bolivia, the army could restore order. After the war on Iraq the occupation forces are trying to break the resistance of the population and restore order.

"Order" means that the rulings classes can rule unimpaired. The wheels of the system keep turning, the exploitation of billions of people continues without a hitch. 30.000 people die every day of hunger or curable diseases, and hardly a voice is raised in protest. How orderly!

When the oppressed begin to order their own affairs, the media of the powerful call this "disorder". When we try to get active against nazis, war, or the teachers' arbitrary rules in school we are called "hooligans". When workers in a factory want to decide themselves what is produced there, they are "troublemakers". The defenders of order feel threatened as soon as we begin to organize against the capitalist system.

A revolution, the overthrow of all relationships of governance and property, is the most disorderly thing they can imagine.

The annual rememberance of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht is a good opportunity to think about order and disorder, capitalism and socialism.

At the end of 1918 the First World War ended. The emperor was topped and the young workers of Berlin tried to reorganize life according to the principles of international solidarity and socialism. But the state intervened to stop this "chaos".

The revolution gave way to capitalist order: thousands of revolutionaries were thrown into dungeons or murdered, like the KPD-founders Luxemburg and Liebknecht. The SPD - which pursued capitalist politics in the name of the workers, back then as they do today - organized this repression.

But just because Law and Order is maintained by force doesn't mean we accept it. To remember the revolutions of yesterday, to prepare the revolutions of tomorrow, we demonstrate.

Order prevails in Berlin? Not if we can do anything about it.

* "Order prevails in Berlin!" You foolish lackeys! Your "order" is built on sand. Tomorrow the revolution will "rise up again, clashing its weapons," and to your horror it will proclaim with trumpets blazing: I was, I am, I shall be!
- the last written words of Rosa Luxemburg


January 15 * 10 AM * Frankfurter Tor * Berlin

two public meetings about revolutionary politics back then and today:

The three L's are 135 years old - are their ideas still relevant?
Sunday, January 8, 3 PM in the Kiezladen (Dunckerstr. 14, S-Bhf Prenzlauer Allee)

How does the state respond to our protests? How do we respond to its responses?
Saturday, January 14, 7 PM in the Sama-Café (Samariterstr. 32, U-Bhf Samariterstraße)
with: the communist youth organization REVOLUTION, the REVO group from Prague and the "Oihuka" group (Basque Country)
10 PM: solidarity party for disorder!


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Diese Seite ist ein Archiv und wird nicht mehr aktualisiert. Die neue Seite von RIO ist: www.klassegegenklasse.org