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Old School Left at the

The sun was shining and the temperature was (for the winter) almost tropical this Sunday, Saturday 14, as five thousand people, young and old, gathered in Berlin to take pert in the Luxemburg-Liebknecht-Lenin-Demonstration. In total more than 50.000 people walked passed the graves of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, founders of the Communist Party of Germany (KPD), to commemorate their murder in 1919.

The typical harassment by the Berlin police wasn't lacking: Especially the Antifa-block had many "problems" with the police because of banners carried on the side of the demonstration, scarves, sunglasses etc. No less annoying was the police making us walk on the sidewalk for a stretch, after a few fireworks had exploded under a bridge. The 47-year-old suspect confessed to the police later that day - his motives remain unclear.

Around 40 young activists of the communist youth organization REVOLUTION went way up at the front of the Internationalist Block of the Anti-G8-Alliance. Two big banners, a sea of red flags and countless radical chants drew a lot of attention. Even the oldest demonstrators couldn't have missed it.

It's not enough to place a red carnation on the grave, as most people do - this was the point of Revo's Motto "Old School - back to the revolutionary roots!". Because it's up to us to learn from the revolutionaries of yesterday and continue the struggle today. This means drawing attention to the G8 summit in June in northeastern Germany and the protests against it. For this reason, we chanted right before arriving at the cemetery: "We'll shove the G8 into the sea - and capitalism right behind it!"

The evening before the demonstration, REVOLUTION organized a discussion meeting and a hiphop concert. Revo members from Berlin, Bernau, Wolfsburg, Plauen and Prague were there, as well as young activists from Melle, Freiberg and other cities.

At the discussion meeting on the subject of left youth movements in 1917 and 2007, there was an introduction with two short speeches. Besides the role of Karl Liebknecht in the emergence of the socialist youth movement, special attention was given to the role of youth in the struggle against the First World War in the city of Braunschweig.

A lively discussion developed about the seeming equality of opportunity in capitalism and the possible development of mankind in communism - the 40 young leftists discussed for over an hour. At the end, Hesse from Berlin and Red Star Soundsystem from Potsdam gave a hiphop concert: songs, freestyle, criticism and education about many left-wing topics were offered.

At the end the only question was if the party lasted too long or the LLL-Demonstration the next morning started too early.

//by Wladek from Berlin-Kreuzberg and Susen from Plauen //2006-01-17 //in German


Old School - Back to the revolutionary roots! call to the LLL-Demo-2007

Create Disorder! call to the Luxemburg-Liebknecht-Lenin-Demo-2006

comrades from Berlin, Bernau, Wolfsburg und Plauen

the REVOLUTION block at the demonstration

the same block from the side

a small sea of red flags

"If you don't move, you don't notice the chains" – the new banner from Revo Plauen

a classic banner with the classic internet address ...

...which can quickly be "modernized"

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Diese Seite ist ein Archiv und wird nicht mehr aktualisiert. Die neue Seite von RIO ist: www.klassegegenklasse.org