international summer camp for revolutionary youth

July 31 - August 4, Liberec / CZ


Join the Revolution in Liberec!

All over the world young people are at the front of mass movements: millions of young people in France toppled the CPE reform, hundreds of thousands of school students in Chile went on strike for an education reform, and at the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm in June 2007, it will be young people organizing militant resistance.


What can we learn from the diverse youth movements? How can young people connect their protests with the protests of workers and immigrants? Does this create the possibility to change society?

REVOCAMP is an open gathering, taking place for the fourth year in the Czech Republic, where young people from different countries can exchange experiences and deepen their knowledge. For the protests against the G8 next summer, for the day-to-day protests against fascism and capitalism in the coming year, we need to prepare ourselves. At REVOCAMP there are:

- Workshops where we paint banners, produce newspapers, design websites, spray graffiti with stencils, practice tactics for demonstrations;

- Seminars about the immigrants' movement in the USA, class struggle in Venezuela and Bolivia, resistance against the occupation in Kurdistan and Iraq, opposition against Stalinism and Maoism, the Hungarian Revolution 50 years ago;

- Background seminars about exploitation, school, women's oppression, antifascism, the history of the revolutionary youth movement;

- Discussions, films, games and parties until late.

REVOCAMP is no All-Inclusive-Holiday - everyone should bring their own ideas and interests. If we all organize and create together, we can learn from one another.

The camp will take place in a students' dormitory and costs 70 Euros including accomodation and food - but no one should miss the camp for lack of money. A common transportation will be organized from different cities of Germany and Switzerland.

Camp together, fight together!

organized by REVOLUTION, an interntional communist youth organization.

If you want to come to REVOCAMP, send us a mail at


July 31 - August 4, Liberec / CZ